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From concept to design, from production through edit, to the grand premiere!  Blue Moon Productions is ready to creatively collaborate with quality clients, realize dreams and reach objectives.
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Executing the script, breathing life into the presentation, selecting and orchestrating maximum results from his creative team (actors, camera, make-up, set construction, etc.) is the responsibility of the Director.
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Story is everything!  The production will never get better than the script.   Entertainment, objectives, visuals, budget, dialogue and emotion must all build to rewarding climax.  Ken is proven writer / project designer.  Don’t start a production without the right script!
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Often accused of being a creative genius, Ken is not inclined to argue --  just happy to help!  He loves to identify the creative challenges first and then hit them head on.
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  • Ken Cromar
  • 9870 N. Meadow Drive
  • Cedar Hills, Utah 84062 USA
  • Tel: (801) 785-5900

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