At War With God



At War With God



        Subject:   What do a Baptist Minister, Reed Smoot, Adolph Hitler and

                                    Sam Cardon all have in common…?

“My challenge as a Baptist Minister in a world that is ever growing more lost and confused,

is to find effective ways to help people come to a better understanding of our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ.  Reading 'At War With God' left me amazed that such a deep, powerful and compelling message of His purpose could be layered so effectively and subtlety within such a thoroughly entertaining storyline, –especially considering that it plays out in the hell that was Hitler's Nazi Germany.  But then again, isn't personal redemption in the face of evil really the essence of His majestic, hope-filled message?  Don't we all need it?  This is not just another story.  This film must be made!"

                    Rev. Donald N. Sills / Baptist Minister / Fredericksburg, VA

"…As a member of the ASC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I have the opportunity to read many scripts. Very few have moved me as much as ('At War With God').  

The writing i

s so visual and purely cinematic.  I could actually see this film as I read the words.  There is no doubt in my mind that this could become a film that would measure right up there with   'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Thin Red Line.'…."

                                                                                                                           Reed Smoot, ASC / Cinematographer

"'At War With God' is one of the most powerful and poignant scripts I have read in a great while. Because the story deals with the universal theme of the loss of innocence and ultimate redemption, it has the ability to resonate across cultures, religious backgrounds and political points of view.   The story feels real, 'lived-in', and authentic.  We care about the characters and experience the story as active participants.  There is magic on the page that I have every confidence will translate to the screen!"

                                                                                                         Sam Cardon / Emmy Award winning Composer

"'At War With God'…is an immensely powerful story: certainly one of the most compelling scripts I have read, and should be told with a no-holds-barred approach.  I certainly hope this projects is realized in the immediate future…."

                                                  Michael L. McDonough, M.P.S.E. / Sound Design & Supervising Editor

copyright 2012  – Blue Moon Productions

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