Faithful Heroes

promo reel Faithful Heroes (a work in progress) The history of this world began with a War in Heaven. Prophets warn that prior to the future Second coming of Jesus Christ, the world as we know it will end with the Battle of Armageddon. Destructive as they are, wars have plagued mankind from the beginning. Satan has sought to destroy God’s children with bloody wars at every opportunity. Jesus Christ has restored his Church and freedom to the earth one last time in preparation for His return. Mormons believe their assignment is to take the Lord’s gospel to every corner of the earth. The 190-year history of the Mormon church is filled with faith, persecution, trials, pioneering, missionaries, — and more faith. Despite the evils that stared them in the eye – they trusted in the Lord and watched Him perform miracles in their behalf! It hasn’t been easy. Time is running out. The climax is soon to come!

System Requirements

The following are required for Zephyr to operate fully:

  • WordPress 3.x (latest version)
  • Gantry v1.12 or higher
  • PHP 5.2 or higher

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